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A History of Ranching in Carmel Valley


27 individual histories, 128-pages (8.5 x 11 format), over 200 rare photos

The mid-20th Century saw many working cattle ranches in Carmel Valley. These ranches evolved out of the open range Mexican Land Grants of 19th Century California. Cattle were rounded up by horse and rider, a method predating California statehood and still in use today. The heyday of California’s open-range cattle business was relatively brief in the few decades after the Civil War, but it shaped much of today’s ranching and ranch cultures.

This book is an extensive history about the cattle, the cowhands, and the ranchers and ranches of Carmel Valley and contains over two dozen rare ranch histories and over 200 rare photographs.

Slowly succumbing to the ever-tightening grip of the past, this history is dedicated to those many ranch families and cowhands, past and present, for whom ranching is a way of life.

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