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Our volunteers work hard to bring you the Society’s Newsletters. We hope you will enjoy browsing the archives below.

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June 2021

  • Fanny Osbourne Camps Out in Carmel Valley
  • Volunteers in Action – Your Society Board
  • Signs of Times Past Exhibit
  • Remembering Carmel Valley’s Douglas Ranch Camps

December 2020

  • The Robert Schwarz Memorial Minipark
  • Volunteers in Action
  • In Memoriam: Roy Kaminski
  • The Cartooned Walls of Rosie’s Cracker Barrel
  • Santa is on the Way! – Courtesy of Carmel Valley’s Fire Departments
  • The BUCKET Poem

September 2020

  • Carmel Valley’s Natural Amphitheater
  • News Around the Barn – Reflecting Back on 2019
  • Carmel Valley Artist Doyt Early
  • The Berta Ranch Remembered
  • Virtual Tour of CVHS History Center Museum

June 2020

  • Carmel Valley’s Historic White Oak Plaza
  • Volunteers in Action
  • News Around the Barn
  • Hatton Dairy Farm and Ranches

March 2020

  • Carmel Valley Photographer George Seideneck
  • Remembering the Airway Village
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • News Around the Barn
  • In Memorium: Dan Weiss

December 2019

  • The Carmelo Athletic and Social Club
  • CVHS Chili Cookoff
  • CVHS Newspaper Collection/Digitization for Access
  • Remembering the Jamesburg Players

September 2019

  • Carmel Valley Post Offices Came, Went, and then Stayed
  • Carmel Valley Signs
  • Vintage Matchbooks
  • Revisiting Jamesburg Earth Station
  • In Memoriam Stephanie Culbert

June 2019

  • The Madonna in the Village
  • Antique Typewriters
  • Carmel Valley’s Early Land Developer – Remembering Paul Franklin Porter
  • History Center Hosts Area Roundtable Meeting
  • 50 Years Ago – The Carmel Valley Connection, Our Other Worldly Moment of Fame

March 2019

  • An 1881 Carmel Valley School Visit
  • Then & Now – Transported through Time
  • Christmas 2018 at the History Center
  • Upcoming Events