Gary Tate and Elizabeth and Richard Barratt fold newsletters, March 2016

Cherie Ohlson and Maxine Callinan prepare newsletters for delivery to membership.


September 2019

  • Carmel Valley Post Offices Came, Went, and then Stayed
  • Carmel Valley Signs
  • Vintage Matchbooks
  • Revisiting Jamesburg Earth Station
  • In Memoriam Stephanie Culbert

June 2019

  • The Madonna in the Village
  • Antique Typewriters
  • Carmel Valley’s Early Land Developer – Remembering Paul Franklin Porter
  • History Center Hosts Area Roundtable Meeting
  • 50 Years Ago – The Carmel Valley Connection, Our Other Worldly Moment of Fame

March 2019

  • An 1881 Carmel Valley School Visit
  • Then & Now – Transported through Time
  • Christmas 2018 at the History Center
  • Upcoming Events

December 2018

  • Carmel Valley Arts: James and Margaret Ziegler
  • Legends of the Valley
  • The Enduring Legacy of Local Photographers
  • Geology: The Grand Opening was a Grand Success!

September 2018

  • Carmel Valley’s Pioneer Jose Manuel Boronda
  • Carmel Valley’s Airfield in the News
  • Remembering Carmel Valley’s Rancho Del Monte Country Club
  • Volunteers in Action
  • Tours of San Clemente Dam Site Start at the History Center

June 2018

  • Carmel Valley Pioneer Jonathan Wright
  • A Bird’s Eye View of a Wildfire
  • A History of September Ranch
  • April 21st Annual Meeting

March 2018

  • Early School Days in Upper Carmel Valley
  • Carmel Valley Village – the Early Days

December 2017

  • Sign of the Times – “You Are Entering Carmel Valley”
  • Volunteers in Action
  • The Wagoneer of Carmel Valley Village
  • In Memoriam – Andy Case

September 2017

  • The Second Tularcitos School 1893-1853
  • Carmel Valley Village, Then & Now – Giuseppe’s Work Bench
  • Volunteers in Action
  • Sally and Betty Remember When…

June 2017

  • Learning the “Three R’s” at the First Tularcitos School
  • A Message from the President Emeritus, Ellsworth Gregory
  • History Center’s 3-D Topographical Map Explained
  • Carmel Valley Historical Society Celebrates 30 Years!
  • Collections Corner – Carmel Valley’s Pioneering Victorians

March 2017

  • CVHS Celebrates 30 Years
  • In Memoriam: Dolores McGlochlin, Maurice Wolfe
  • Emeritus Ellsworth Gregory Tunes Center’s 150-Year-Old Piano
  • Sally Swanson Remembers
  • Mouth of the Valley and Mission Carmel, 1920s Photo
  • Collections Corner – Chief’s Helmet
  • Tom Augustitus and His Farmall Cub Tractor

December 2016

  • The Hitching Post: Once a Village Fixture
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Accomplishments in 2016
  • 5th Annual Party in the Village!

September 2016

  • Laureles Grade: An Old Cattle Route Turned Scenic Highway
  • History Center Back Deck Enclosed
  • Marketing Committee News
  • Exhibit Committee News
  • The Historian’s Time Machine – Then & Now

June 2016

  • Sid Ormsbee Fire Lookout
  • Tularcitos Fire Station
  • Volunteer Activities

March 2016

  • White Oaks Theater – A First for Carmel Valley
  • Carmel Valley’s Bob Mattson – Master Saddle Maker
  • March: Celebrating Women’s History Month
  • The Real Dirt on Carmel Valley Geology

December 2015

  • Early Years at Carmel Valley’s Library
  • A Message from the President
  • Volunteer Activities
  • The Bucket – One of the Last Cowboy Taverns
  • Cub Scouts Visit the History Center

September 2015

  • Old Days at the Valley’s “Carousel” Building
  • Dr. Gary Breschini to Speak at the History Center
  • Fossil Fish from the Rancho San Carlos Area
  • Our New Exhibit – “Joan Baez: Carmel Valley and Beyond”

June 2015

  • Robert Louis Stevenson’s Stay in Carmel Valley
  • The Jamesburg Earth Station – Cachagua
  • The Party in the Village Raises Money — Runs on Volunteers
  • Robles del Rio Store—Later Known as Rosie’s Cracker Barrel

December 2014

  • Vizcaino Discovers Carmel Valley
  • CVHS Accomplishments In 2014

September 2014

  • Dams & Diversions on the Carmel River
  • Mammoth or Mastodon – What’s in your Back Yard?

June 2014

  • Volunteers Bring Museum Displays to Life
  • Edward Berwick: Carmel Valley Pioneer Orchardist

February 2014

  • History Center Grand Opening
  • Volunteer Training Begins
  • Carmel Valley Pioneer William Hatton

February 2013

  • “El Encino De Descanso” – The Resting Oak and Its Lore in Carmel Valley

January 2013

  • Working the Land Goes Back to Carmel Valley’s Early Settlers


November 2012

  • A Change in Leadership
  • Nathan Spaulding was The Innovator in The Valley

September 2012

  • Gigantic Rummage Sale Scores Again
  • Early Inhabitants in Carmel Valley

July 2012

  • Spring Fashion Show A Big Success!
  • The Borondas and Rancho Los Laureles, Part 4

January 2012

  • Another Book For Elizabeth
  • Interior Finish Work Continues

November 2011

  • Giant Rummage Sale Brings Out Shoppers
  • From The Chairman’s Corner

August 2011

  • Call For Financial Support From The Chairman
  • Gigantic Rummage Sale
  • History Questions Answered

June 2011

  • Building News
  • Gigantic Rummage Sale
  • View From The Chairman’s Saddle

March 2011

  • General Membership Meeting Review
  • CVHS Influence Going Worldwide!
  • Building News
  • Congratulations Peter (Meckle)!

January 2011

  • Building News
  • Christmas Party A Big Success!
  • Pro Tempore’s Notes
  • Annual Membership Meeting

November 2010

  • The Society Benefits From Recent Grants
  • Recognition From The Community
  • Linda Yamane To Speak Nov. 14
  • The Doll Project

July 2010

  • We Continue To Move Forward
  • Gigantic Rummage Sale August 28-29
  • Work Has Begun On Our Doll Collection
  • Jamesburg Players Reunite – Again!

June 2010

  • Progress!
  • Book Sales Are Brisk!
  • Our Doll Collection
  • Membership News

March 2010

  • General Membership Meeting
  • Grants And Gifts
  • Building News
  • Reaching Out To The Community

February 2010

  • General Meeting Set For March 4th
  • History Book Now Available!
  • Building News
  • Gigantic Rummage Sale
  • Thank You Jamesburg Players!
  • Membership News
  • Check Out Our Weblog
Video: A History of Ranching in Carmel Valley

Video: A History of Ranching in Carmel Valley

Historical Society historian Jeff Ohlson presented a talk at the Salinas Church of the Good Shepherd’s Double Nickels luncheon group on September 11, 2019. The subject was “A History of Ranching in Carmel Valley” which was based on his book of the same title.

Better Than Rummage Sale

Better Than Rummage Sale

Hats off to all the volunteers who made the Rummage Sale happen The "Better than Rummage Sale" fundraiser at the end of September by CVHS & CV Kiwanis was a whopping success! Shoppers were delighted with the huge selection of quality collectibles, housewares,...

The 1989 Carmel Valley Centennial, But Was It?

The 1989 Carmel Valley Centennial, But Was It?

A new Carmel Valley History Center exhibit showcases the huge community celebration 30 years ago that actually was held in the wrong year – a recently discovered historical surprise! It was a gala affair by every account and evolved into today’s annual Fiesta, held this year August 3-4.

Video: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Video: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Carmel Valley Historical Society volunteers Jeff Ohlson and Reggie Jones give an overview of the Apollo moon missions and explain in detail how Carmel Valley’s Jamesburg Earth Station was a key link in bringing the Apollo 11 Moonwalk to TV viewers on earth.

New on the Board

New on the Board

L-R: Gary Tate, Kim Williams, Dave Terdy, Cherie Ohlson, Richard Barratt, Elizabeth Barratt, Maxine Callihan, Jeff Ohlson At their May 8, 2019 Board of Directors meeting, the Historical Society welcomed new Board members Richard and Elizabeth Barratt. Both Richard and...

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