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Video: A History of Ranching in Carmel Valley

Historical Society historian Jeff Ohlson presented a talk at the Salinas Church of the Good Shepherd’s Double Nickels luncheon group on September 11, 2019. The subject was “A History of Ranching in Carmel Valley” which was based on his book of the same title. Over 70 were in attendance which was one of their highest turnouts and a good lunch and time were had by all.

Better Than Rummage Sale

The “Better than Rummage Sale” fundraiser at the end of September by CVHS & CV Kiwanis was a whopping success! Shoppers were delighted with the huge selection of quality collectibles, housewares, furniture, art, jewelry, gardening tools, plants, toys, electronics, tools and seasonal items. The most frequent comment was “best sale we’ve ever been to.”

The 1989 Carmel Valley Centennial, But Was It?

New Carmel Valley History Center exhibit showcases this huge community celebration 30 years ago that actually was held in the wrong year-a recently discovered historical surprise! It was a gala affair by every account and evolved into today’s annual Fiesta, held this year August 3-4.

Stop by the History Center Museum during Fiesta hours (Saturday: 10-6/Sunday: 10-5) to learn about this great story.

Video: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Carmel Valley Historical Society volunteers Jeff Ohlson and Reggie Jones gave a presentation at the Friends of Carmel Valley Library’s Saturday June 1, 2019 lecture series to honor the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. This approximately 45 minute talk gave an overview of the Apollo moon missions and explained in detail how Carmel Valley’s Jamesburg Earth Station was a key link in bringing the Apollo 11 Moonwalk to TV viewers on earth.

New on the Board

At their May 8, 2019 Board of Directors meeting, the Historical Society welcomed new Board members Richard and Elizabeth Barratt. Both Richard and Elizabeth are founding members of the Society. In addition to their Board duties, both serve on the Collections Committee and Elizabeth also will serve as Secretary.

Photo L-R: Gary Tate, Kim Williams, Dave Terdy, Cherie Ohlson, Richard Barratt, Elizabeth Barratt, Maxine Callihan, Jeff Ohlson

Historical Society Annual Meeting

The Society’s yearly All-Member meeting held on Saturday, April 13, 2019. All were presented with a “State of the Society” overview by President Kim Williams which included introduction of the Society’s current directors and the ratification of the Class of 2019-2022 returning directors (Kim Williams and Maxine Callinan) and new director (Dick Barratt). Treasurer Dave Terdy provided the Society’s 2018 financial report followed by Maxine Callinan’s recognition of docents and volunteers and Cherie Ohlson’s report on planned new exhibits. Jeff Ohlson gave a quick overview of this year’s latest exhibit on antique typewriters followed by Elizabeth Barratt’s talk on Robert Louis Stevenson’s time in Carmel Valley. Kim Williams then wrapped it up with an overview of upcoming opportunities and adjourned the meeting. Everybody then enjoyed a great lineup of beverages, fruits, and cookies while catching up with old friends as well as meeting new ones.
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Top photo: President Kim Williams
Bottom: Treasurer Dave Terdy