Gonzales Schoolchildren Visit Museum


Donna Zahn coordinated this visit with Lorin Letendre, President, Carmel River Watershed Conservancy, Marie Butcher, Founder & Director of Green Heart Works, and Tina Ramos of Fairview Middle and La Gloria Elementary Schools in Gonzales. The History Center tour of over 90 students, along with teachers and parents, was the first event of an all-day field trip that included a nature walk in Garland Park and ended with a visit to the Carmel River Lagoon. The students thoroughly enjoyed the museum and kept Dave Terdy, Jeff Ohlson, Maxine Callinan and Donna Zahn busy answering questions on many topics. The event was well planned by the Gonzales teachers with students needing to complete pre- and post-tests about their learning experiences. We look forward to many more delightful visits from area schoolchildren!”