A 3D Model of Carmel Valley is Now in History Center

DSCN1961CVHS President Kim Williams (on right) is shown accepting delivery of the History Center’s new 3D Terrain Model of Carmel Valley from Solid Terrain Modeling’s President Mark Fisher. The Historical Society began work on this topographical map of Carmel Valley in the summer of 2014 and chose Solid Terrain Modeling, Inc. of Fillmore, CA to produce it. After months of working on several iterations, the model’s design was finalized in March 2015. The model represents a 9.75 x 28.5 mile, 277 sq. mi. area of the Valley and spans eastward from sea level to Palo Escrito Peak and from just north of the Laureles Grade Summit to the Los Padres National Forest’s Los Padres Dam on the south. The model topography is based on USGS elevation data and is accurately routed out of high density polyurethane foam also used in modeling and prototyping. Its printed image is made from a high-resolution 600 MB database of the Valley’s terrain, waterways, roads, and selected landmarks.