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Dedicated to the Future of Our Past

Stage to Tassajara Hot Springs

Photo Circa 1900

Los Laureles Lodge

Photo Circa 1920

Berta Ranch Six-Horse Wagon Team

Photo Circa 1930

Hatton Dairy, Mouth of Carmel Valley

Photo Circa Late 1930’s

Holman Ranch Rodeo

Photo circa 1950

Rosie's Cracker Barrel

Photo Circa 1960

Carmel Valley Trail & Saddle Club (Est. 1956)

Photo Circa 1965

Carmel Valley Vintage Airfield

Photo circa 1990

The History Center’s “Talking Machine”

The History Center’s “Talking Machine”

A Living History to the Sounds of the Past Many millions of 78 rpm recordings were pressed on shellac (beetle resin) records between 1898 and 1950. These particular recordings were made by the OKEH Phonograph Corp. of NY in the 1920s with one 3-minute recording on...

October 2023 Update to “Jamesburg Earth Station”

October 2023 Update to “Jamesburg Earth Station”

Many Valleyites may not be aware that Carmel Valley’s Earth Station played a vital role in Intelsat’s world-wide communications global network from the late 1960s to the 1990s. Among its historic transmissions was the famous “first step” TV pictures of Apollo 11’s...

Annual Membership Meeting April 1

Annual Membership Meeting April 1

The annual all-membership meeting will be held on Saturday, April 1st from 4:00 – 5:30. During the meeting members will be asked to ratify our revised bylaws, last updated in 2010, to reflect current operations and changes in non-profit law. Both the current and...

New Exhibit: Piazzoni Cowgirls

New Exhibit: Piazzoni Cowgirls

The early 20th Century saw many ranches and farms in Carmel Valley. Whether wives, mothers, or daughters, women played important roles in family life. The Piazzoni Ranch was one such ranch. Luigi (with Swiss ancestry) and Tomasa (with indigenous Rumsien/Esselen...