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The Carmel Valley Historical Society is committed to preserve and promote the unique history and heritage of Carmel Valley for current and future generations.

From its first meeting in 1987 it soon incorporated and became a non-profit organization with a 501(C)(3) status. Its board was formed and it became a member of the Conference of California Historical Societies and the Carmel Valley Chamber of Commerce. In the quarter century since the founding of CVHS, many past board members, members, and volunteers have made CVHS what it is today.

The Society has held many fund raisers and the Board eventually agreed to build a new building for its museum. With funds then available and after years of dreaming and planning, construction was started on the Society’s new building in January 2009 and was completed in early 2012.

Its collection committees have acquired a significant collection of artifacts and memorabilia through the years. One of the Society’s primary goals has been the documenting of oral histories from old timers who knew the valley “as it used to be” – when farming and ranching were the primary way of life. Audio and video tapes capture a fast-fading insight into historic Carmel Valley life.

DSC00966The Society’s barn-like architecture building is located just north of the Carmel Valley Road on the southeast corner of the Carmel Valley Village’s Community Park.





Photos from our first year of museum operations:

  • Reggie Jones, Maxine Callinan, and Sue Pius at the CVHS' Odds & Ends sale during the Peddler's Market event held at Hidden Valley.
  • President Reggie Jones addressing the guests at our Dec. 7, 2013 Grand Opening.
  • A post Grand Opening toast to a job well done!
  • President Reggie Jones being interviewed prior to the Dec. 7, 2013 Grand Opening by KSBW TV news anchor Michele Imperato.
  • The CVHS Board of Directors hard at work during a monthly board meeting.
  • Past President Ellsworth Gregory had the honor of cutting the ribbon at the Grand Opening while CVHS Board Members look on.
  • The Askew family visit to the museum.
  • Board Member Cherie Ohlson at the checkout desk during a Pomeroy art sale.
  • The Nason family visited the museum.
  • Linda Yamane was our guest speaker when CVHS hosted the Sept. 2014 Roundtable meeting.
  • Famous Carmel Valley western artist Jack Swanson signing his book "The Life and Times of a Western Artist." He donated his autographed book to the CVHS Library.
  • Andree Forzani points out a familiar friend on the Piazzoni collection.
  • Jim and Donna Pedrazzi from Roundup, Montana enjoyed the Ziegler photograph collection.
  • Board Member Donna Zahn and Tom Nason collaborating on local Indian history.
  • Board Members on tour at the San Clemente Dam removal project.
  • President Kim Williams and Librarian Eleanor Avila manning the CVHS booth at a Trail & Saddle Club event.
  • Board Members Donna Zahn and Dave Terdy at the checkout table during a Pomeroy art sale.
  • An early 1940's picture post card from the Robles del Rio Store (Rosie's Cracker Barrel).
  • Santa Fly In Parade of 2014, CVHS President Kim Williams and volunteer Tom Augustitus on Tom's old Farmall tractor.